How to Make A 25% Return in Six Months or Less Using The Amazing Power of Tax Liens

Many investors I meet are startled when I tell them about the returns that are possible with tax liens. They give me puzzled looks and discerning stares, trying to see if I'm telling the truth or not. Well, I am telling the truth. Tax liens offer amazing upside potential with absolutely no downside risk as long as you know what you are doing.

This article is going to give you a specific formula that will guarantee you a return of 25% in six months or less using tax liens. Interested? Let's get into it.

Because each state offers different rates of return, it's critical to seek out the highest paying states. In this formula we will be using Texas. Texas is known as a "hybrid state". This means it has attributes of both lien and deed states. Luckily, hybrids are just as easy to invest in as regular lien states. I choose Texas because it has many benefits for the investor. Here they are:

Texas uses a penalty instead of an interest rate. This means you get paid the full penalty no matter how soon the property owner pays off their taxes. They could redeem in one week and still have to pay the full penalty on every penny you invested.

The penalty amount is a whopping 25%. Great news to investors, bad news to tax delinquent property owners.

On certain types of properties, Texas has an extremely short 6 month redemption period. This means the property owner must pay their delinquent taxes within six months or lose the property to you. Short redemption periods mixed with large penalties are the ultimate for investors. Remember to check and see if the property qualifies for the short 6-month redemption period. (Look for non-homestead/non-agricultural properties, as they always have the shorter redemption periods.)

As you can see, Texas is about the best state possible for investors. All you have to do is invest your money and wait. Shortly there after, a certified check will show up in your mail box including massive profits, plus all the principle you invested. It's that easy.

Now you're probably starting to see why investors I talk to look skeptical. They are unable to believe that something so good exists. Many people are afraid to leave their comfort zones and so refuse to look at new opportunities. I hope you don't make this mistake. Doing so would greatly limit your ability create wealth for yourself. Keep an open mind and many new and great opportunities will become possible.



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