"How to make guaranteed
20% to 300% returns on the money you invest with total safety and incredible ease!

This Untapped Investment Goldmine Leaves
Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds and All Other
Investment Vehicles In the Dust

From the Desk of Andrew Kestler

Dear Fellow Investor,

You can now make guaranteed returns 50 times greater than certificates of deposit, 40 times greater than mutual funds, and dozens of times greater than most stock trades.

This amazing opportunity will change your financial life faster and with more safety than any other investment available to you.

But, before you see how this is possible, let me tell what you're not going to get by reading this letter...

This opportunity is NOT:
  • NOT another get rich quick scheme
  • NOT a "pitch" for some risky investment
  • NOT another "No Money Down" deal
  • NOT an "Offering"

What will you get by reading this letter? You'll receive the critical information necessary to maximize your tax lien and deed investments.

You'll see exactly how to gain all the benefits tax liens and deeds have offer you.

It's entirely possible for you to make consistent returns of 25%, 50%, 100%, even 300%, and pick up free and clear real estate for pennies on the dollar-- time and time again.

How you can make higher returns
with greater safety

Tax liens and deeds are beyond a shadow of a doubt, a more powerful alternative to stocks, bonds, mutual funds and any other well-known investment.

And... this alternative will provide you with consistent profits, all the way into the triple digits.

You don't have to be satisfied with investments that offer 5% simple interest.

And, you no longer have to settle for the unpredictable, insecure world of the stock market where your investments can be wiped out over night.

What you're about to learn is in a class of its own. A class where downside potential doesn't exist, if you know what to watch out for.

You'd be surprised by how many people refuse to acknowledge this opportunity because they're stuck in an old school of thought that says, "There's no such thing as high-yield, safe investments."

To prove this point, here's what a study conducted by the Social Security Administration revealed... If you take a group of 100 people at the start of their careers and follow them to retirement age, here's what you'll find:

Only 1 will be wealthy, 4 will be financially secure, 5 will continue working (not because they want to, but because they have to), 36 will be dead, 54 will be dead broke- dependent on their meager social security checks, relatives, friends, even charity, for a minimum standard of living.

That's 5% successful, 95% unsuccessful.

This proves that the majority of people aren't open to receiving the information necessary to become part of the successful "5%".

Fortunately, the fact that you're reading this proves you're not part of the "vast majority".

Quite the opposite-- it proves that YOU have the potential to be the 1 out of 100 to reach great wealth and success.

Get Started Now!

How to turn Uncle Sam into your personal wealth building ally

It's funny that such a lucrative investment would comes from the government.

I always say that it's the government's way of apologizing for charging so much in taxes!

It's true... as a tax lien or deed investor, you'll be given an opportunity unmatched by any other conventional investment.

Here's a quick course in tax liens and deeds:

All properties accrue taxes throughout the year. These taxes are used by local governments to provide a host of services such as roads, police, firefighters, schools, etc.

It just so happens that quite a few people either forget or refuse to pay these taxes on time.

Here's where you come in as an investor...

The government decided that the best way to get the money it's owed is to auction off the tax lien or the property deed that has the lien on it to investors.

When tax liens are auctioned off, one of two things can happen...

If the owner pays up before the redemption period, you get to collect on your original investment plus interested and/or penalties that have accrued.

Or... if they don't pay up, you get to foreclose on the property, winning it free and clear.

With tax deeds...

You win the property you're bidding on outright. This means it's yours to do with as you please immediately after the sale.

Of course, there are potential risks and loop-holes that you need to watch out for. But, when you know what they are...

You're guaranteed two possible outcomes:

  1. You receive amazing profits in the form of penalty and interest payments

  2. OR

  3. You acquire free and clear real estate for pennies on the dollar.

I just got done reading, "Tax Lien Riches," and I wanted to commend you on a job well done! As someone who is continually seeking out new income streams, I feel that your guide has given me the confidence to successfully delve into the world of tax liens and deeds... something I would have been afraid to try without your valuable information. (And, being a resident of New Mexico, I especially appreciated your tips on page 6 regarding the manner in which my state treats certain liens.)

Thank you for making this information available, and I believe that anyone who is looking to profit from tax liens and deeds needs to get a copy of this book without delay.

Brian Cook, Owner
New Mexico

WOW! After reading your course, Andrew, I'm so excited to get started. I had no idea of the financial possibilities that tax liens and deeds offer. You do such an amazing job of explaining the ins and outs of this opportunity- the specific steps I need to take and the pitfalls I should avoid. I have total certainty now that I have read Tax Lien Riches that I will be able to successfully and profitably invest in tax lien certificates and tax deeds. Thank you so much!!!

Jason, Oregon

I have read every resource available on the subject of tax lien and deed investing and I have to say that Andrew's ebook is by far the best I have found. He takes a relatively dry subject and adds flair to it. It is not the normal boring and heavy reading I find in all of the other books I have read. This book was so captivating that I found myself unable to put it down. The information provided is the best I have seen. Andrew really is a lien and deed investing expert. You can tell from the moment you pick up the ebook. Thank you such a phenomenal resource!

Jerry Michaelson, California 

It's possible to acquire $100,000+ properties
for less than $3,000 in back taxes

All you need to make this a reality for you is highly targeted, specific information, and a plan of action. Both of which you'll find in Tax Lien Riches.

Here are some of the key strategies you'll learn in this revolutionary book...

The specific formula that guarantees you 20%-300% ROI, with
total safety

How to acquire properties for 10-30 cents on the dollar

Easy to implement strategies allowing you to create passive income streams that flow forever

How to dominate every auction you attend

Bidding secrets to win the best properties at the lowest prices

How to win free and clear houses and rent them for monthly cash flow profits

See how the Snowball strategy can rapidly build your financial portfolio

The right way to structure your lien and deed portfolio for
maximum profits and safety

Discover "hidden pitfalls and loop-holes" waiting to surprise unprepared investors

Six critical steps to quickly and easily analyze any property, saving you countless hours and much frustration

Once your eyes are open to the amazing world of tax lien and deed investing, you'll never be satisfied with any form of conventional investment again! I guarantee it.

The only thing holding you back is
your lack Of information

If you don't know the strategies that successful tax lien and deed investors use, how do you expect to compete with them?

They'll beat you out every step of the way. They know the tactics that maximize every investment to its fullest.

These effective strategies and tactics are not readily available.

Most books and courses only provide the basic groundwork that will allow you to achieve only some success. These authors either don't know (or keep hidden) the real information that creates mega success in the shortest time possible.

To illustrate what a big problem misinformation is, simply type into Google, "tax lien investing". If you do even a little sniffing around on the various websites...

You'll find significant disparities and contradictions

Many sites indexed on Google's search pages make confident claims that are completely false. This kind of information is not only ineffective and useless, it's very detrimental.

Imagine the outcome if you acted on the this false information. It would be a real shame, and you'd likely find little success and much frustration.

You need accurate, proven information

You'd be surprised by how many people purchase and then act on misinformation. If you're not careful you'll fall victim to this trap as well. Fortunately, I have a solution for you...

I personally guarantee you that every concept and strategy I teach is tried, true and proven to produce amazing results.

But let's be realistic...

There's really no way for you to know if this is great information or not until you try it out for yourself. That's why I'm taking all the risk onto my shoulders for you by offering a...

30 day, full money back guarantee. This way, you literally have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Free and clear real estate for
pennies on the dollar?

Get Started Now!

Tax deeds are your magic ticket to real estate investing wealth. They blow away foreclosures and all other venues for acquiring properties at bargain prices.

Imagine the speed at which your fortune will grow when you buy properties for only a fraction of their market value. There's only one small catch... Not all deed states are created equal.

In fact, there are some staggering disparities between states if you look closely...

One will be dynamite for investors, while another will be practically impossible to make money in. You need to know WHERE to invest and what specific approaches to use.

Minutes from now, you could be learning:

  • The fastest, easiest and safest ways to evaluate potential investment properties

  • Discover the single biggest mistake inexperienced deed investors make

  • Learn due diligence procedures, guaranteed to root out "problem properties" not worth investing in

  • Find out which state starts the bidding at 50 cents on all properties

  • How to minimize your competition, guaranteeing you the best properties at the auction

  • County Minimum Bids, what are they and how they affect your investing

  • See which deed state tops my list as your best bet for investing, and what sets it apart from the rest

  • How to turn the least popular deeds at an auction into a goldmine of unlimited profits

If this is such a great investment, why haven't I heard more about it?

This is a very good question, with an equally good answer. There are two reasons you don't hear more about tax liens and deeds:

  1. The government doesn't spend a dime to educate the population of this opportunity. They're fine with however many investors show up, as long as most of the liens or deeds are sold by the end of the sale.

    Plus... it would cost the government money to educate the public-- money they could be using elsewhere.

  2. When investors realize how great tax liens and deeds are, they immediately want to keep them secret. They want all of the profits for themselves! And, keeping competition at sales minimal helps them do this.

That last point brings up an important issue

The more people who know about these powerful and rare strategies, the more competition you and I will have at lien and deed auctions. Because of this, I'll be closing this website at 1,500 ebooks sold.

Selling only 1,500 ebooks will allow those who are really serious to get the information they need, while keeping the competition at a reasonable level.

How the safety of tax liens and deeds protects you during good times and bad

While other investments quiver and shake during economic downturns, government-backed tax liens and deeds remain constant in their high-yields.

Note the key phrase, Government Backed. It would literally take the collapse of the government to compromise your investment.

The government created this investment to get the tax money it needs immediately, without delay. Therefore, it's in the government's best interest to keep investors happy. You can't really get a whole lot safer than a government guaranteed investment.

As long as you know a few key pieces of information there's literally NO WAY to go wrong.

Here are a few examples of the safety of tax liens and deeds:

  • When you purchase a tax lien you receive the FIRST POSITION lien on the real estate that lien is connected to. If the owner fails to pay back all outstanding taxes plus all fees and penalties, you can swiftly foreclose on the property, winning it free and clear in every respect!

  • Not even the bank that owns the mortgage on the property outranks you in order of payment. You have the absolute highest payout priority in any case.

  • When you buy a property at a deed sale you're the owner from that day forward. You simply show up for the sale, pick up the properties you like and then do as you wish with them. Rent them, sell them at a huge profit, fix them up, the choice is yours.

You don't need a lot of money to get started

One of the best aspects of tax lien and deed investing is that you don't have to be rich to begin. You can show up at a lien or deed sale and easily pick up investments for as little as $200-300. You're sure to find the perfect investment that fits your needs. For example:

  • If you have very little money, you can easily buy inexpensive liens and deeds. There's a surprising secret as to which kind of property is best for beginners and seasoned investors alike.

  • If you have lots of money to invest, you can buy expensive properties or liens for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. No need to hassle with lots of little tiny investments. You can invest a large, lump sum with ease.

  • You make the same great profits regardless of how much you invest. No sliding scales or other confusing rules. Just great returns, all the time, no matter what.

  • Some states even offer to finance purchases for investors. This lets you start up with no initial cash outlay on your part. How could you ask for more?

How to tap into this goldmine from the comfort of your home

While traveling to auctions is very fun and rewarding, you may wish to invest from your own home. You'll be surprised at how easy this is to make a reality once you know how to approach home-based lien and deed investing.

Here are a few benefits investing from home offers:

  • No travel costs
  • More time efficient
  • Greater ease and convenience
  • Huge selection of liens and deeds to choose from
  • No competition to deal with
  • Great profits made the easy way
  • Ability to begin immediately

All these benefits can be Yours after reading the section on home-based lien and deed investing in Tax Lien Riches.

You don't have to be a U.S. citizen to take part in this investment

Good news... if you don't live in the States... You can invest like a U.S. Citizen. All you need is one key element that makes this possible.

Unfortunately, most out of country investors go about this all wrong, making things much harder than they need to be.

My method for foreign investors will get you up and running in record time, with great ease and little cost.

Combine this information with the section on investing from home and you can start today- no matter where you live.

This is a phenomenal book in every sense of the word. I can't say enough about it. It's clear, concise, and a pleasure to read. I learned things that I never dreamt were possible. I can't wait to get started with my investing now that I know how easy it is with the proper information.

Cindy Blackwell
The Dalles, Washington


I just have to tell you about a recent tax deed investing success I had. Using the information provided in your report, Tax Lien Riches, I was able to purchase a property appraised at $84,000 for a mere $4,672. The competition at the sale was practically non-existent. This is easier and more profitable than I ever thought possible. My plan is to rent the property for year to produce about $1000 per month cash flow and then sell it for roughly an $80,000 profit. I'm very impressed. You really do deliver when it comes down to it. Thank you!!

Jordan Rae
Dallas, Texas

This book has opened my eyes to a whole new area of real estate investing. I'm so anxious to get started, that I'm going straight to my courthouse first thing Monday morning. You really delivered on the types of tax sales! Since almost every professional has real estate investments of some kind, this book will benefit EVERYONE! Great job!

Vanessa Blais
New Internet Television Business

Why spend thousands of dollars
attending seminars, when you can get
the same information instantly...
for a fraction of the cost?

Tax lien and deed seminars cost between $500 to $2,000 to attend. Not to mention the cost of travel, food and lodging. This adds up to a very hefty sum of money and lost time.

Wouldn't you like to skip all that hassle and
start where you are now?

Tax Lien Riches offers you the exact same information (if not better) than what you'll find at the nation's best seminars.

Except you get the condensed information that you can read at your leisure.

You're only a few seconds away from being able to access the most strategic and effective information on lien and deed investing available.

To back up my claims and ensure your satisfaction, I'm offering you the STRONGEST guarantee you'll find on the market

30-Day, 100% Guarantee:


30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

You have 1 full month to read Tax Lien Riches and put what you learn to use. If you don't love the results you see or you simply change your mind about the purchase, you get all your money back-- no questions asked. It's very simple. Just contact me at andrew@taxlieninvestingguide.com and I'll have your money back to you within 24 hours. Sound fair? 


Here's what you get with Tax Lien Riches...

Right now, you have the chance to acquire completely distilled, step-by-step information on tax lien and deed investing-- for less than the cost of a decent meal.

This information will rapidly expand your investment portfolio and transform your financial life for the better.

On top of this, you get a Full 30 Days to see if the information in Tax Lien Riches lives up to what you thought it would be.

If you don't like it for any reason whatsoever, I'll give you back every cent within 24 hours. You won't be asked a single question. That's my word. And...

By ordering immediately, you'll receive
3 powerful bonuses!

BONUS #1: 7-Step Investment Action Plan

Systemize and simplify your research
with this detailed, 7-Step due-diligence action plan

You can easily follow this comprehensive step-by-step protocol, like a road map to tax lien and deed investing success.

It makes your property research efficient, quick and easy. Guiding you through the whole process, and helping you determine the best properties for you to bid on.

This action-plan will effortlessly take you through the required steps necessary to make your first tax lien or deed purchase a success.

BONUS #2: State Reference Manual

Discover key information on every state
in seconds

This is a rich information resource that provides you with hidden and elusive information about each state. You will learn…

  • The rate of return each state offers. Find out, at a glance, how each state stacks up to the next so that you can determine where to invest your money.

  • See which states are best, and how you can take advantage of their little known secrets.

  • How soon you can collect your profits and/or foreclose on the property.

  • Be warned of dangerous states with pitfalls that must be avoided.

  • Read my private notes about each state. Some states I rave about, and others I absolutely detest.

  • Discover the bidding system each state uses, and which one is most advantageous for you.

  • Find out which states use the Deed, Lien, or Hybrid system. Quickly zero in on the best state for your personal tastes.

BONUS #3: State Contact Information

Shave countless hours of time and effort with this comprehensive state directory

Determine at a glance the phone number, fax number and physical address of every county office in every state. This bonus is over 250 pages long and will prove to be invaluable as you start investing.

  • Make research a breeze. With the right information available, everything becomes easy.

  • Get more done in less time. Instead of spending your time researching contact info for the counties that you don't even know the names of, you can swiftly gather the necessary information that will lead you to investing success.

  • Contact information is critical if you want to invest from your home using the "over the counter" strategy. This bonus takes care of all your needs in one swift stroke.

This directory will save you hundreds of hours in the long run. Not to mention the ease and convenience you will enjoy. I've been told by more than a few people that this bonus is worth the cost of the entire package.

Don't be left out, get your copy of
Tax Lien Riches immediately

Get Started Now!

Remember, this website will be gone after 1,500 ebooks are sold.

Every day, more and more wise investors are locking in their copies of this rich information resource, bringing the number sold ever closer to 1,500.

You can get your copy of Tax Lien Riches now with absolutely no risk on your part. I shoulder all risk for you for an entire 30 days.

This gives you plenty of time to evaluate the book and the information it provides before making your decision. So...

Get Tax Lien Riches now, sit back and read it, then determine if you love it or not. If you don't, you get ALL of your money back within 24 hours.

If you do love it (and I'm confident you will)... Keep it. Refer back to if often. And use the information to make yourself a personal fortune.

Best of Success,

Andrew Kestler 

P.S. By acting on this opportunity immediately, you'll be saving yourself massive amounts of time, effort and money. You're guaranteed to receive the most strategic, most effective, and highest quality tax lien and deed investing information on the market. 

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  • How appreciation of rental properties can work for you

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  • Why using “Other People’s Money” can benefit you
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And much more!

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Dear Andrew,

I purchased your ebook about six months ago and wanted to tell what results I've achieved since that time. So far I've used what I learned to buy seven tax liens in two different states. Three of the seven have already redeemed producing a net profit of close to $1,700. Not too bad for a beginning investor with no prior experience. I'm so excited to continue buying liens and re-investing the profits. I'm starting to see just how easy and profitable tax lien investing is. Thank you so much for all the help you've been in teaching me how to invest.

Bruce Anderson
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

I've been interested in Real Estate investment since the mid '80's and have seen more than my share of books and courses on the subject. The subject of tax liens as an investment vehicle has been covered by many of the best in the Real Estate Information Marketing business. Most have given it fairly good coverage (some have not). I even saw a course on helping foreign investors take advantage of American tax liens.

Tax Lien Riches simply blows them away! This thoroughgoing treatment of the How-To aspects of actually getting going is the best I've ever seen. Even if you're an active investor in your local tax lien/tax deed market, you need to see this information!

Each of the three methods that states use to get their property taxes paid is covered in easy-to-understand language, without becoming too technical or presuming the reader knows anything about the subject. I actually found myself getting excited about the investment possibilities all over again!

You'll also get all the tips you need to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that most beginning tax lien investors make. The next time you hear somebody bad-mouthing these investments, you'll know that person made one or more of the mistakes or omissions you'll read about. The value of these tips is worth the selling price!

In the spirit of over-delivering, there's a bonus eBook that lists all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia – what they offer, percentages of interest/penalties, method of auctioning and reviews of the best and worst places to invest. This, alone, is priceless. I've never seen any descriptions in this detail about which states to go for and which states to avoid!

All in all, this is all the stuff you need for success in Tax Lien/Tax Deed investing. I say, "Buy Tax Lien Riches", even though I don't make a dime off of the sale!

Scranton, PA

Andrew, thank you so much for this!!

I first heard about tax liens at The Learning Annex's seminar with Donald Trump. They sounded really interesting, but the impression that I got was that you had to invest lot of money to really start bringing in the investments. It also seemed like there was a lot of "technical" stuff that I had to learn about, and that the barrier to entry was pretty difficult.

After reading your report, though, I see that this is NOT the case. You further proved it to me when you gave me a lengthy answer to my question after I purchased the book.

This ebook is outlined in a ridiculously simple format, and it's really easy to go through. Thank you again, I've started contacting some counties and can't wait to tell you my success stories! :)

Rachel S., Arizona


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